Does Lowes Take Apple Pay

Does Lowes Take Apple Pay

Many shops are using Near-Field Communication (NFC) terminals to make checking out faster and safer. It is possible to pay with digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Some stores are not as ready to use new technology as others.

It is possible to pay with digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Some stores are not as ready to use new technology as others.


So, let’s find out…

Apple Pay is not accepted at Lowe’s, even though Lowe’s offers many different payment options.

Apple Pay is an option at this time because Lowe’s does not have any near field communication (NFC) technology installed. There isn’t any motivation to use alternative payment methods with cheaper fees. It’s not likely that Apple Pay will be implemented as a payment plan in the near future.


Why don’t Lowe’s take Apple Pay?

Many retailers are starting to accept digital wallet, but Lowe’s isn’t one of them. Lowe’s is taking so long to embrace new technology, you may wonder why. There are a number of reasons why this could be.


Transaction fees

Apple gets a portion of each purchase to cover the cost of using their service. Lowe’s will have to pay a fee to accept Apple Pay.

This is based on the total purchase price. This can eat into the profit margins of the store. It makes Apple an extra cost.


No NFC Technology

A smart device such as a phone can send a code or signal using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Lowe’s doesn’t feel that it can justify the cost of installing these terminals for this technology. The terminals would have to be installed at all the outlets.

As a result, Lowe’s is unable to support Apple Pay or any other digital wallet.


Keeping the focus on Lowe’s own credit card

Due to the fact that it may divert customers from their own credit card, Lowe’s may not have implemented Apple Pay. Digital wallet users can link a variety of cards and payments to their account. If one isn’t working when it’s time to pay, they can rapidly switch to another card.


A Lowe’s credit card is detrimental to Lowe’s in two ways.

Lowe’s will have to pay transaction fees to Apple. Extra payments will no longer be received by way of Lowe’s own credit card. Lowe’s receives their customer’s monthly payments and earns money on interest if they don’t use Apple Pay.

Lowe’s can’t justify the loss of revenue it will incur even if it means making checking out easier.


Lack of customer enthusiasm or demand

The technology of Near Field Communication is new. Lowe’s customer base could be unfamiliar with it or not ready to embrace it yet.

There is no compelling reason for most people to switch to a digital wallet at the moment. Unless the customer base demands the implementation of the terminals, Lowe’s is unlikely to install them.


Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay? – No, but what payment methods do Lowe’s take?

In the stores and online, Lowe’s accepts a number of different payment options. Cash, as well as credit cards, and debit cards are included.

  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover

You can pay by PayPal for online purchases, but this only works if the seller accepts this method of payment.

They also accept Personal cheques. Plus, Lowe’s also offers its own payment methods, including…

  • There are credit card options including the Lowe’s Advantage card.
  • The Lease to Own option
  • Lowes gives gift cards. You will need to pay the balance with one of the alternative methods if your total amount exceeds the amount of the gift card.


Should Lowe’s install Apple Pay?

There are a few reasons to think about installing Apple Pay at Lowes.


It’s a safer method of making payments:

Since the Covid outbreak, people have become more aware of their hygiene. Being somewhere with many other people is especially true.

The risk of transmission of germs and disease increases when customers pass through on a daily basis. The risk is minimized as there is no physical touching involved.

Lowe’s customers will have more peace of mind when shopping there. They only need to use the checkout screen if they have specific information to give.


Increase the customer base:

The way of the future will be near field communication. Lowe’s is cutting itself off from growth because it doesn’t offer Near Field Communication as a payment method for Apple users.

Customers that are used to using advanced technology would prefer to use Near Field Communications. Lowe’s is relying on their existing clientele rather than paving the way for the future by not having this option.

This could lead to a business becoming immobile. They have to grow with the times. Lowe’s will remain competitive in this way.



It’s fast and convenient, and it speeds up the line. If you know how to use a digital wallet, they are more convenient than other methods of payment.

It eliminates the need for you to search through your wallet for the right card. You could be required to sign it.

In addition to cash payments, there are many steps. You have to stand in a queue, count out your cash, hand it to the cashier, and then wait for your change.


What about Samsung Pay?

There are conflicting reports on whether or not to use the payment option. Some customers are able to use it easily, while others are not. It’s possible that this is due to the fact that they don’t rely on only one technology. It also includes a magnetic stripe for money transfers, but not all Lowe’s stores are aware of how it works.

Some Lowe’s stores have been able to accept payments while those not aware of this procedure were turned down. An upgrade of the technology is not what is needed, in some cases only a software update is needed.

It is a good idea to have a backup method for payment in case something goes wrong with your preferred method.


Is Google Pay an option?

Because of the use of Near Field Communication, it is not supported at the Lowe’s stores.


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