Why Does It Say No Location Found for Someone

Why Does It Say No Location Found for Someone

You cannot track your Apple devices when Find My says “No location found”. There are a couple of reasons why this could happen, and most of them are easy to fix. The good news is that there are solutions available for this problem, and they are usually not hard to find if you know how.

We will discuss the reasons why Find My is not working and how to fix it.


What Is the Find My app?

You can track your lost or stolen Apple devices with the “Find My” app.

The Find My Friends app was merged with the Find My iPhone app in IOS 15. The two apps have been combined into one app called “Find My”.

You might not be able to: if you get ‘No location found’ on your Apple device.

  • See your device on the map.
  • “Play a sound” or “display a message.”
  • Lock or erase remotely.
  • Use location-based notifications.


Why Would Find My iPhone Say No Location Found?

You have to check your settings to see if Find My is configured correctly if you see a no location found alert. You should make sure that the device is connected to the internet and that location services are enabled.

It’s important that the Find My app is working correctly. If you misplace your Apple Watches, consider the case of trying to locate them.

If you suspect your device has been stolen, you should destroy all of the data. If you want to do any of these tasks, you need to fix the issue and get access to your Find My data and location.

There are a lot of reasons why you get the ‘No location found’ message on the Find My app. If the device is turned off or not connected to the internet, you may not be able to locate it in the cloud.


How to Fix No Location Found Find My Friends

If the person is out of network range, you will see a message that says “no location found on find my friends”. The person may have turned off the gps device or the phone may have run out of battery. No matter what the reason is, these are some resolutions that you can choose from.


Confirm the GPS Is On and Working

Some users save their battery life by turning off their gps device. Even if the gps is turned off, Find My can still track the location with cellular data.

You can’t always rely on the data to be accurate or reliable. If your device is out of coverage, it will display location not found.


Open Settings. 


Go to Privacy. 


Tap on Location Services and turn it on.

Check Find My Settings In Location Services

Find My doesn’t have access to the data that location services provides.


Go to Settings.


Open Privacy. 


Tap on Location Services.


Scroll down and find Find My


Set access on While Using the App.


It is possible to check the sharing location settings. If Share My location is enabled or not, check it out.

Check Device’s Date and Time

Even the smallest errors in time and date can prevent the Find My app from working correctly. Following the steps, check the time and date of your Apple device.


Go to Settings. 

Choose General. 

Open Date & Time.

Turn on Set Automatically. 

Check Your Device Internet Connection

Make sure that your device is turned on and connected to the internet. Make sure the Find My app has internet access when you use cellular data.


Open Settings. 

Go to Cellular. 

Scroll down to Find My app and enable it.

Check Apple’s System Status

If the app is unavailable, Find My will say no location found. It is easy to know if this is the case. The steps are below.


Go to the Apple System Status website.

Go to Find My and see if it’s available. Everything is okay if you see the green dot.


If there is an issue and you see a red dot, you have nothing to do but wait for Apple to fix the issue.

Update Your Device

An outdated operating system version can cause a lot of problems.

Updating the OS may help. Your Apple devices should be up to date.


Go to Settings.

Open General.

Tap on Software Updates. 

Update your device.


Reset Location & Privacy

Resetting location and privacy to their defaults is a solution to the problem if Find My says no location is found. Follow the steps to get there.


Go to Settings. 

Tap on General.

Scroll down and choose Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Select Reset.

Allow the process to finish if you choose Reset Location & Privacy.



There may be something wrong with the hardware, or your device may have a severe OS problem if you tried all the above tips and didn’t fix it.

Setting location services adjustments, checking internet connection, resetting your device, and checking the Apple website for the system status are some of the ways to solve a problem.

You should schedule an appointment with the nearest Apple Store and let the experts fix the problem if Find My says no location found.

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